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About Me

My name is Deon Christie, 
A successful affiliate marketer from South Africa. Been actively involved with internet marketing for several years. Assembled quite the arsenal of knowledge, methods, tactics and systems which I now share with my valued audiences. Writing is one of my passions and I enjoy creating interesting, relevant and useful content. My fascination with the entire concept of making money online is what drives me to constant new achievements, with no exception to failures.
Failure is as much a companion as success on this journey which has no final destination. In fact I have faced way more failures and brick walls than success and paved roads, so to speak. I also learnt that nothing you do online is in vain, with no exclusion to ones failures. Failure is only the spice that adds exquisite taste to success, especially success on the internet because it is a journey to where there is no final destination.
I enjoy the privilege of being able to publish my own eBooks and articles with high ranking publishers. Received the Diamond Expert Author Certification from these publishers, complimented by the Word Smith Badge for content creation and context. Content is what determines your level of success, and amount of online sales because content will always be King. Therefore I have gathered sufficient knowledge via product review and testing to get recognized as a Professional.
There is no single method, tactic, program and/or system that is the final destination to internet freedom. There is no such thing as a giant leap, but rather a careful combination of methods and tactics. I soon learned that success is tiny objective steps in the right direction, rather than a race to fame and fortune. Internet Marketing is more of an enjoyment really because there are so many different options it’s overwhelming, and therefore important that you have to enjoy what you do. Considering a single method and/or tactic at a time comes highly recommended, because building an empire takes time.
Adding to my online activity, I have published and indexed several Websites and Blogs and am a regular Blogger on all my sites. This blessed me with extensive knowledge on Keyword, Product and Anchor Text research which is crucial to your Website’s Ranking ability. This in turn is crucial to actual sales online, and also to build your email lists. Viral Marketing is one of the preferred methods to obtain Website Traffic, which also lead me to building and nurturing several Email Lists to this day. 
Sharing my knowledge and expertise makes it so much more exciting when writing articles and eBooks where I share my journey and all the different destinations. I now understand why the successful marketers were always hammering on knowledge back in my newbie days.
Once you have sufficient knowledge you will absolutely be unstoppable, but it takes time to gather that kind of knowledge. My flame of fascination for internet marketing as a whole, went from yellow to bright blue the minute I touched S.E.O (Search Engine Optimization)
It’s always been in the back of my head as a newbie, but it all seemed so technical back then in 2012 but all because I was trying to do way too many things at the same time. Needless to say, I soon learned to pace myself and be a lot more specific.
Search Engine Optimization seem scary as a word, because it kind of is. But when you have patience, then you’re half way there. With S.E.O you must never rush anything, and there is a reason why I have grown to love it so much. It’s like fine tuning an enormous money making machine, where preparation, dedication and a willingness to learn are extremely important. I have learned to use Plugins and Widgets combined with certain site settings for outstanding results.
Not because I am an internet Billionaire or Computer Wizard, but simply because I accepted the fact that I’m building an Internet Empire. And sometimes Empires can take decades to build. To my unexpected surprise, my results were a lot more successful a lot faster than I have anticipated. Kind of like – “And one day, it just all came together, and…B.A.M!”
You will be blown away at the difference a few Plugins and Widgets can make. Simple things like html coding and image information and tagging, are just some of the many tiny steps in the right S.E.O direction. The only reason S.E.O may not always be a preferred method among the masses is that it takes time, and many people are in too much of a rush to make money faster. I can tell you that it’s worth the wait because nothing online will result in the kind of Traffic that S.E.O will bring you. 
See, life surprises you in one of two ways. By nothing happening at all, or by everything happening at once. And it truly was a welcome surprise the second time around, which is another reason I love sharing my experience with my audiences. It feels nice when my readers experience positive results from my suggestions and tools on topic.
There are so many different S.E.O tools out there, and most of them are free tools, you just have to look in the right places. My two favorite tools is my keyword research tool, and my page rank checking tool. These two babies are the first two windows that I open after switching on my PC, because everything you do must be about keywords and optimized exposure.
Which is basically what these two are exceptionally good at, but any tool only works as well as the person using it. The effectiveness of any tool lies in the understanding of it, which is why I love sharing valuable tools on my Blogs. It’s also pretty exciting when you share tools and tactics of which you have extensive knowledge, because it makes for interesting engagement when you show your audience how to use the tools.
I populated, and will continue to populate this Blog with relevant and useful content because it feels good to offer solutions to common needs within the Internet Marketing and Blogging Niche. Blogging soon turned into my most loved activity, once I mastered WordPress, Google Traffic Tactics and Search Engine Optimization.
And I honestly have to consider shutting up, because this “About Deon Christie” Page is busy turning into an eBook. Supposedly, that’s what would happen when the writer takes over or so I’m told by fellow writing addicts. What can I say?
I have the imagination to go with the writing which forces me to drink way too much coffee, and use way too many keyboards. I suppose devices can only take so much abuse…
Anyway, I really have to go, so enjoy my Blog and contact me if you need any advice and/or help. I will always try to assist you as best I can.
Who is Deon Christie Offline? 
Offline I enjoy the outdoors away from the rush and noise of technology and cars. Away from the pollution and cities, in the South African Bush veld. It’s almost like a fairy tale world, early morning when dew brightly shines on the beautiful lush green scenes.
Which takes me back a few years as an electrical contractor in Africa, so remote there’s no cell phone or internet connection. But let me tell you, there’s no better connection anywhere else on the Planet! And then there’s the addition of awareness, with a slight hint of fear once you realize it’s only you and nature.
One of the most intense experiences I had was in a little town called Kasani, in Botswana. Now those of you that had never been there, it is a town right in the heart of the Chobe Game Reserve. The same place where elephants literally roam the streets during early mornings and late noon when they gather at the Chobe River to enjoy a refreshing drink. The lush plant growth makes it a little paradise in the African semi desert region.
Now, the particular experience I want to share happened on a Saturday afternoon, as a troop of monkeys passed curiously through the trees. I decided to fetch some bread and offer them a snack, and also my love for animals had something to do with my decision. After throwing down some bread, I moved back as to not appear threatening when the troop leader approached me. I just remained calm, and sat on the wall.
It turned out, all he wanted was his own slice of bread before the “Peasants” were allowed to have their own. Incidentally, none of the others went near the bread until the troop leader approved.
To my extended surprise, this leader half my size came sitting right next to me on this wall separating the house from the river.  Strange enough, I had no fear but rather a sense of alignment as weird as that may sound. It’s both a gift and a blessing to experience the wild that close and personal, and I was really amazed.
A witness from a distance later expressed his amazement, as he had never seen that before and he was a local. According to him, these were completely wild animals and he couldn’t believe the human interaction. Personally, I think animals can sense your intent but I still will never take my chances with the larger cats and animals. My amazement has its limits. If it’s bigger than me, it will see my heels getting tinier…fast.
Nature is the best remedy for stress and there are no equal, with no exception to coastal areas and rain forests. Which I have also had the pleasure of enjoying the scenery from places like Knysna, George and The Wilderness. Yes, it’s literally called The Wilderness and with good reason.
Nature reminds us that there is a higher power, regardless of what people choose to call that power because all living things are linked in my opinion. From plant to insect, human to animal we are all linked to something much larger than all of us combined. That something that we all know exists, but none of us truly understand it.
Human nature sometimes disgust me, especially when I see what is commonly known as “Road Kill”. When will mankind realize that it was in fact a living, breathing life that was destroyed because of ignorance? A person’s true colors will be seen in the way they treat animals especially. Honor is the cornerstone of greatness, and there’s no honor in mindless slaughter.  I think a good motto in life may be – Do No Harm, But take No Shit!
And then there’s Gaming, when I’m not Blogging! 
And the fact that I’m the oldest teenager on the block, fuels my imagination which is a great thing when you’re gaming. Trust me, Any Gamer will tell you that. But, not PC gaming as it’s not much of a strong attribute of mine. The whole Keyboard, mouse thing is just a little too much. I’m more the Xbox One And PlayStation 4 kind of gamer.
In fact, I purchased my Xbox One when Rise of the Tomb Raider was released. It was only to be released later on P.S.4 in South Africa, and I simply refused to wait. So, I have the console side of things covered.
My gaming preferences will include First Person Shooter, Adventure, and a Combination like Uncharted, Tomb Raider and Last of Us. Games like Sniper Ghost Warrior, Call of Duty, Medal of Honor, and Sniper Elite are among my all-time favorites.
Gaming comes in handy when taking a break from blogging because sometimes you need to. Constant research and testing result in a lot of knowledge to take in and record. As a professional you reach a point where your mind feels empty and without direction.
That’s called information overload, and time to restart your own system. Which is when I simply turn on my Favourite Console and completely get lost in my other fascination. It completely takes my mind off things, and any Pro Blogger will tell you that it’s extremely important.
When you get back to blogging, your mind is reset and packed with new knowledge to create awesome content with. My two most loved activities at home you must’ve guessed by now, Blogging and Gaming. And yes I am 40 something and loving it!
Wishing You Prosperity And Success,
Deon Christie