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Saturday, 10 June 2017

One of My Best Kept Traffic Secrets Revealed

Valued Reader,

You may have read some of my other work where we discuss the reasons why most bulk traffic packages is a complete waste of time. There are however those exceptionally rare packages that offers real visitors, but that requires a lot of research and investment to establish the really great ones. This is also why most online Gurus don’t especially enjoy sharing those specific secrets, because it really is a lot of work and can even take years to accomplish and establish what works.

What is Quality Targeted Traffic? - Quality targeted traffic will result in proper analytic results, which is precisely where you fine tune your traffic. You want to check on your Visitors, Returning Visitors, First Time Visitors, Average Visit Length and Page Views per Visit.
When your Page Views start to exceed your Visitor count, then obviously your audience is spending time on your Blog. This means your content is what they are looking for, and when the time spent on your blog exceeds an average of 2 and a half minutes then there is little room left for improvement.
Once you reach this kind of results, all that is left to do is allow your blog the time it needs to rank in Google.
If you would want to track your visitors properly, then use this free tool called Hit Stats and you will know exactly where your visitors are coming from. 

Turning Quality Traffic into Buyers - Now this is kind of like a secret sauce, and it’s all about establishing a need and offering a solution. This is also why knowing your niche is so important because these are the golden rules followed by all super successful affiliate marketers.
Let’s take this particular article for example – There are two things every internet marketer is constantly looking for. Methods and tactics to make Money Online and Traffic, because without traffic you’re sadly going nowhere.

So, this post addresses that common need for website traffic, and I’m offering you the solution I have already tested. Content is the only constant thing with internet marketing, and that will never change. Relevant, Interesting but more importantly useful information is the fastest way to actually make money online.

Why is GEO targeting so important? - Basically, Geo targeting is the difference between having an interested audience than can afford to purchase your product, and the same audience that may not be able to afford to do so. For instance, I’m residing in South Africa and I can tell you that products over $100 may not quite sell all that well. Why? Because that amounts to roughly Z.A.R 1500, which is more than most people earn per week. It’s a simple math really, and it’s all about affordability.

So, best to provide your audience with what they can afford, and they’ll not only buy from you they will also appreciate you saving them money. But, always offer your audience something you have personally tested, make sure your visitor is not going to waste their money and it will annihilate your refund rate.

4 Back Link Shortcuts to Over 307 Million Visitors - Yes, that is not a typing error, the (Comment) Sites you are about to access have over 300 Million Visitors Combined at the time of this post. And the visitors to these sites are increasing exponentially. Take Medium for example, which were averaging around 85.5 Million Visitors (Around 3 Months Ago) and is now nearing 120 Million Visitors. But I’m sure by now you’re wondering as to exactly how I know that, right.

Pretty easy, and also the obvious question. By using a tool called Similar Web, by easily searching your browser for that exact search term and access the site. Next you just paste the link to the site you wish to check, and it will show you both quantity and quality of visitors. Please do test the sites you’re about to access, perhaps sit down while doing that. It is pretty mind blowing seeing that kind of quantities.

Before we get to these high authority sites, fist know the finer tactics of generating traffic by building back links. It really does depend on the quality of your content, comment or otherwise. It comes highly recommended to actually read the post/article you wish to comment on. Always comment something relevant to the discussion, and try to add value to fellow readers.
NEVER put any link in any comment on any site, unless the comment window allows for your Website /Blog URL. And even then it must be the link to your own personal domain (Preferably a Blog), especially with Affiliate Marketing.

This is why it is so important to discover your profitable niche, because this is the true cornerstone of an Online Empire. When you truly love what you do then it will be impossible to give up, which is why something like a hobby works well. Learn as much as you possibly can about your niche, because knowledge is the only way that you will create unique content and inspire interest from your comments.

Remember, we’re trying to leverage back link building to also result in interested visitor increase. You have to prove to your audience you know what you’re talking about, and from that useful comment they will visit your site. Now some of these sites may be using comment sites like Disqus, and when they do there is no provision to share links. Which is why you must create your complete profile with Disqus, just search your browser.

The Sun, a UK Based Site with 88.95 Million Visitors (65% UK, US and Canada Visitors) – The Sun is a News UK Company that features latest news, topics and trends. TV and showbiz, News, Fabulous, Money, Motors, Travel, and other high value content.
The Sun Comments section will require you to sign up for a membership (At No Cost, Completely Free) and please do pay attention to completing your profile details and picture. When you comment as discussed earlier, not only must the content directly relate to your own niche but also be relevant to the discussion at hand. If the discussion is about Hurricane Irma, then comment something relevant and not just gibberish to have a back link.

The Telegraph, another UK based site with 126.5 Million Visitors (62% UK, USA) – The Telegraph is much like The Sun, and should be approached in the exact same manner. Keep it real and be professional because copy/paste marketing doesn’t work among professionals. The Telegraph gives you access to things like online jobs, and allows you to upload your CV.
Merely sign up to The Telegraph, also completely no cost involved. Strange how most of the really effective tools and tactics are the free ones right?

Medium is a Blogging Community with 113.85 Million Visitors (40% UK, USA and Canada) – Medium allows you to publish your work once your profile is complete, and I advise Again. Your Profile must be as complete as possible because that is how visitors find your Blog.

Medium uses “Claps”, which are much like Facebook Likes and Twitter love. Like with many high authority sites you are allowed to add tags to your posts and comments so choose your topics carefully. From Social Networking to Blogging Secrets and Content Suggestions, there are various topics and if you love blogging then you must definitely register for Medium.

ISSUU is Another Great Site with 60.55 Million Visitors (40% UK, US and Canada) – Issuu is more of a publication site where you can publish your work, preferably in PDF format but other formats like Word is also accepted.

You must learn to access other people’s uploaded work (Relevant to Your Own) and then save, share or like the piece. Much like reading an eBook, but as with all these sites you need to get recognized through valuable engagement.

Issuu covers around sixteen different categories like sport and entertainment, Style and fashion and even Home and Improvements.

The “Secret Sauce” of Commenting – When you share relevant and useful content, then other professionals in your network will add their views. This way, not only do you build back links and drive traffic but you also learn a great deal about your niche.
Your Primary goal is to attract interested readers (Not Try To Sell Something) to your Blog, by creating content that would complement your topics on your own posts. Take this particular post for instance, comments on S.E.O and Building Back Links will be the ideal audience to attract.

And A Little Bonus On Top Of Back Link Building – The site is called Shout Me Loud (Just search your browser), and have both Blog and Forum comments options. This Forum in particular is exceptionally responsive, and I am speaking from experience.

Shout Me Loud with 4 Million Visitors (25% USA, UK and Canada) - Covers categories like Discussions, S.E.O, Affiliate Marketing, WordPress and Social Media among many others. And as with all the other great tools we discuss here, it’s also completely free to join.

Wishing You Prosperity,
Deon Christie 

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