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Saturday, 10 June 2017

One of My Best Kept Traffic Secrets Revealed

Valued Reader,

You may have read some of my other work where we discuss the reasons why most bulk traffic packages is a complete waste of time. There are however those exceptionally rare packages that offers real visitors, but that requires a lot of research and investment to establish the really great ones. This is also why most online Gurus don’t especially enjoy sharing those specific secrets, because it really is a lot of work and can even take years to accomplish and establish what works.

What is Quality Targeted Traffic? - Quality targeted traffic will result in proper analytic results, which is precisely where you fine tune your traffic. You want to check on your Visitors, Returning Visitors, First Time Visitors, Average Visit Length and Page Views per Visit.
When your Page Views start to exceed your Visitor count, then obviously your audience is spending time on your Blog. This means your content is what they are looking for, and when the time spent on your blog exceeds an average of 2 and a half minutes then there is little room left for improvement.
Once you reach this kind of results, all that is left to do is allow your blog the time it needs to rank in Google.
If you would want to track your visitors properly, then use this free tool called Hit Stats and you will know exactly where your visitors are coming from. 

Turning Quality Traffic into Buyers - Now this is kind of like a secret sauce, and it’s all about establishing a need and offering a solution. This is also why knowing your niche is so important because these are the golden rules followed by all super successful affiliate marketers.
Let’s take this particular article for example – There are two things every internet marketer is constantly looking for. Methods and tactics to make Money Online and Traffic, because without traffic you’re sadly going nowhere.
So, this post addresses that common need for website traffic, and I’m offering you the solution I have already tested. Content is the only constant thing with internet marketing, and that will never change. Relevant, Interesting but more importantly useful information is the fastest way to actually make money online.

Why is GEO targeting so important? - Basically, Geo targeting is the difference between having an interested audience than can afford to purchase your product, and the same audience that may not be able to afford to do so. For instance, I’m residing in South Africa and I can tell you that products over $100 may not quite sell all that well. Why? Because that amounts to roughly Z.A.R 1500, which is more than most people earn per week. It’s a simple math really, and it’s all about affordability.
So, best to provide your audience with what they can afford, and they’ll not only buy from you they will also appreciate you saving them money. But, always offer your audience something you have personally tested, make sure your visitor is not going to waste their money and it will annihilate your refund rate.

Getting Back To the Traffic - I have to be honest and say I was really surprised by the results from the site I’m about to share with you. In my opinion it may or may not be as user friendly to setup traffic campaigns, so I’m going to guide you step by step in this article.
Simply Register Your Account with Traffic Bot so I may be able to guide you step by step. Purchase the $9.99 and get 60,000 Visitors per Month. And yes, I had actual sales with these visitors and substantial comments and interaction on my blogs. You can cancel at any time, but I urge you to test drive this.
I’m still getting visitors from all 6 Top Tier Countries (USA, UK, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, and Germany) and it’s been increasing exponentially. Like with everything else online, time is the most important ingredient. 

How Do I setup A Campaign? - Glad you asked, and it’s really quite simple. Just fill out the information precisely as set out below;

Step 1 – Click on “Add Project” on the left side bar once inside your membership. A new window will open and you will be expected to provide the following information.

Step 2 – “Project Size” should be automatically filled with the $9.99 package you just purchased as a Mini Project. Just select that and move on to your “Project Name”
With “Referrers” you may want to concentrate on the giants like Google and Facebook, but enter the raw URL like http (://) www (dot) Google (dot) com and http (://) www (dot) Facebook (dot) com. Next is Your Website and/or Blog URL under “Website URL”

With “Second URL” you must use any link from your primary domain, but preferably a Blog post. “HTTP Accept-Language” is where you set the preferred language in which you need your audience to be fluent in, or they may end up not understanding a word from your content. This is one of the pitfalls many newbies face, getting the wrong audience to the right Blog. 

This kind of traffic along with robotic clicks are the ones to avoid because your site will suffer a 100% Bounce rate. Such a high bounce rate will result in Zero Sales. Under “Behavior” which is normally set to “Realistic Behavior (Mobile + Desktop) and if that is already set then you may want to leave it at that.

If you perhaps know that your site is not optimized for mobile interaction, then you may want to set this at “Desktop Only” in the drop down menu when scrolling over the arrow in the window far right.
Your “Traffic Source” I must strongly advise you target the 6 Top Tier Countries, from where you will be more likely to generate actual sales. These top tier countries are USA, UK, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and Germany. For a new campaign however, you will only be allowed to enter a single country, start with your favorite because you will add all top tier countries later when your project is active.

Step 3 – Simply click on the blue button “Add Project”
Once your Project is active, you will be able to access it under “My Projects”. Click on that so we can fine tune your fortune, so to speak. 

Traffic Speed – Should be set at 5 (Which Is 50%). Do not try and force this because you need to increase your traffic gradually. This is a journey, not a contest.

Bounce Rate – Set this at 0%, because you don’t want that kind of traffic, it does your site more harm than good.

Time On Each Page – Select 5 Minutes, because you want your visitor to really take a good look at your Blog. Which is why your content is so important, you must have your visitor want to stay because they want to see more.

Returning Visitors – Keep the balance and set this at 50%.

Geo Targeting – This is where you will now add all the countries you want traffic from. But be sure to offer something affordable to your particular audience as mentioned earlier.
Now just click on “Save Settings” and you’re good to go. Do use the Hit Stats tool as a Widget, by following the steps and adding the html code to your Blog.

Wishing You Prosperity,
Deon Christie 

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